What are prior life recollections worth to you?

First of all, these recollections prove to you that you are much more than you think you are in this present body and present incarnation.
 They expand your time-frame so that you can put much more perspective on daily occurrences.  As far back into the past you can go with your soul and your spirit, this is how far into the future you can go, not with the details but with a much better understanding of what the future will hold for you and the world.
These experiences will greatly expand the appreciation of yourself and what you can accomplish in and for the world.

These spiritual experiences open up to you the appreciation of both your friends and enemies in this life time.  Who actually are your enemies?  It turns out that they are people that you have met before and who are instrumental in helping you to be who you are.  Actually, they are your hidden friends.  This is the secret to being able to really love your enemies.

How do you know that these recollections and/or prior life experiences of any kind are “true?”  What is truth except the love that comes to help you with your life as it is now.

Classic Insights provides a great deal of assistance for you to uncover much more of your real self. Here are three courses which deal specially with prior lives:

# 16: Ben Franklin

#17 The Bhagavad Gita and Self-Education

#29: The Roots of Genius – Edison and Ford.

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