Is there Evil in the World? Why would that be?

Why would an all-powerful, omnipotent God create Evil? That is a very good question that has troubled many thoughtful people over the ages.

Evil began with the birth of the Ego. We all have to go through the negative before we can appreciate the positive. God gave us freedom. The price for this freedom is that we have to go through Evil, i.e. egotism, first. One finger cannot love another. We had to separate from the Divine to experience Freedom.

Freedom is the necessary prerequisite to Love. Freedom is not just or only freedom of choice. When there is choice, the choices are already created. Freedom has to do with creativity out of nothing. This is where Love is. This Creation out of nothing is the story of Genesis. We are all learning how to accomplish this feat, first in small ways, then in larger and larger ways.

Don’t be discouraged. You can’t expect to be self-realized overnight. It is a never-ending process. All spiritual beings evolve as the Human Being can. But it is not automatic. Each one of us can then help others evolve. This is the intended purpose of us all.

For much more instruction on this, take a look at Classic Insights course #9: Job, Oedipus, and Blake

3 thoughts on “Is there Evil in the World? Why would that be?

  1. God didn’t create evil…God created people and gave them brains with which to think….people create evil….people took the good He gave them and denying His gift, denying Him, they decided to live their life without Him and
    have made often a shambles of what could have been His gift.

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