What does Repent mean?

What does repent mean?
Religious people keep repeating this word, but do not understand its implications. Repent means to re-think, not to use merely your brain but to contact the spirit in yourself, the Logos, the Word, and Love itself. Unless you learn how to rise above your environment and heredity, you are not repenting. You must learn how to experience body-free, sense-free thinking. The easiest example of this thinking is in geometry. The concept of a triangle is pure thought. It is Universal, not to be seen on the physical plane until it is drawn where the particular is always different.
In the Middle Ages there was a major controversy between the Nominalists and the Realists. The nominalist claimed that there is no reality but the name for the thing itself. The Nominalists won out and today most everyone is a Nominalist. Today the nominalist is accepted as being a Realist. We all must repent this false view because it is gross materialism which disavows the Spirit World of Pure Thinking. The World of Universals, of pure Concepts, is where Humankind can find the path to spirit and come together in Freedom and Love.
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