Transform Law into Love

How do we go about transforming our civilization of Laws into a civilization of Love?

To accomplish this we have to be able to understand economics because this is the area where people work together with other people and our environment. Most people who believe in love don’t want to enter into the world of economics because it seems so arid, but this leaves economics in the hands of people who don’t believe in the power of love.

Because of the division of labor, everyone is required to work for others.  If we truly realized this fact, love would be seen as operating in the very practical world.  We only have to make this basic social law about love conscious so that we can transform the world. is tied together by the theme of love and offers many courses that will help you to understand how love and economics fit together. We especially recommend these course:

Course # 11: Love as a Path of Transformation

Course# 13: Economics and the Development of Responsible Individual

Course #25: The Profit Motive





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