Spiritual Discrimination

A great evolution of spiritual self conscious awareness has taken place over the centuries. Have you wondered why Spirits used to talk to Human Beings, but for the past few hundred years this has not happened to “modern” people? Joan of Arc was the last person who had this experience for a very important purpose.

What is appropriate for one age becomes no longer suitable for another age.  Now there is a dramatic transformation of Human Consciousness taking place. The Spirit World is opening up to Human Beings.

Today, the admirable trait of tolerance is not enough of a spiritual quality.   Rather, Spiritual discrimination is essential for us to practice. We must be aware of two factors: From Whom does this spiritual information come? and What is the process that we use to receive it?   Channeling and Psychics will not do.   It is not the content that is so important because it is all so similar.  However, similar does not mean the  “same.”
Classic Insights has been created to help students with Spiritual Discrimination. We particularly recommend our course #22: Toward a New Form of Consciousness.



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