What does thinking with your heart actually mean?

There are two types of thinking, through the head and through the heart.  Both are necessary in combination, not one or the other.  Head thinking is concerned with facts, which really means “after the acts.”

This is the reason that clever people are like computers and have ready-made facts at their command.  Economic and Political leaders are good examples of this type of thinking.  It is not really thinking but appears to be.  It is a mirrored sort of computer type of consciousness.

On the other hand, creativity comes before there are any facts.  Thinkers like Einstein are much less concerned with facts and much more concerned with creating new facts.  Rembrandt, Leonardo, Mozart and Beethoven are other examples.

Creativity is based on heart-thinking, not head thinking.  This is the reason that creative people often do not do well at conventional school.

Egotism is the enemy of either type of thinking and is a curse in our society as a whole.

Creativity is related to pure thought and to love itself.  After all, real love is creation out of nothing but for the pure joy of the free act itself.  There is no cause or expectations in pure love.

Classic Insights has many courses that will heighten your awareness as to how to think much better with your heart:

Course # 1: Rembrandt, Herald of a New Age

Course # 6: Mozart and the Evolution of Western Music
Course # 26: Thinking with your Heart

What are prior life recollections worth to you?

First of all, these recollections prove to you that you are much more than you think you are in this present body and present incarnation.
 They expand your time-frame so that you can put much more perspective on daily occurrences.  As far back into the past you can go with your soul and your spirit, this is how far into the future you can go, not with the details but with a much better understanding of what the future will hold for you and the world.
These experiences will greatly expand the appreciation of yourself and what you can accomplish in and for the world.

These spiritual experiences open up to you the appreciation of both your friends and enemies in this life time.  Who actually are your enemies?  It turns out that they are people that you have met before and who are instrumental in helping you to be who you are.  Actually, they are your hidden friends.  This is the secret to being able to really love your enemies.

How do you know that these recollections and/or prior life experiences of any kind are “true?”  What is truth except the love that comes to help you with your life as it is now.

Classic Insights provides a great deal of assistance for you to uncover much more of your real self. Here are three courses which deal specially with prior lives:

# 16: Ben Franklin

#17 The Bhagavad Gita and Self-Education

#29: The Roots of Genius – Edison and Ford.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

There is much confusion between our soul and our spirit. If you look at any dictionary, these words seem synonymous.

Let’s consider these words more carefully. First of all, many people do not believe or experience either. An example of this attitude would be any atheist such as Karl Marx. Secondly, others know and experience their souls but don’t know or experience their spirits.


Jung and many others are examples of this position, although Jung knew that the soul presupposes a spirit he plead ignorance to any scientific proof of the spirit. A third category can be found in religious people who believe that we cannot know about these things at all. We have to believe these things on faith.

Classic Insights encourages students to explore their own spiritual selves through learning about great people and their most profound ideas. Through this study we can learn that our soul life is more akin to our feeling life, whereas our spiritual life is more akin to our life of pure thought.

For example, if your draw a circle according to your feelings, it is different for everyone, but the concept of a circle is the same for everyone no matter what your race, color or creed.

All of our courses touch on this, but we do have a special course on Jung, Herman Hesse, and Gnosticism in Modern Form:



Are You Trying Too Hard To Be Spiritual?

Do you want to awaken yourself to higher levels of spiritual conscious awareness?

Are you trying too hard to storm the gates of heaven? Are you confused about how relative truth fits into the whole equation?

I have these bits of advice for you.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be patient with the process. The thoughts that you have are very healthy and will lead you to understand the relationship of love to truth.

It is the ego that gets in the way of the search for love and truth. However, the ego serves a great purpose because overcoming its limitations is necessary so that we can develop our powers of pure thought.

This victory will open you up to the creative force of love. Acting out of love is the only true mission of Humanity. This is what all of the hardships of life and of history itself are about.

Classic Insights has been created to help you with your search.

Two courses that will help you with your search are:

#11: Love as a Path of Spiritual Transformation

#21: Understanding the Modern Ego