Mozart, Beethoven & Spiritual Self Conscious Awareness

Mozart & Beethoven Blog

What can the music of Mozart and Beethoven tell us about ourselves?

If we realize that Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute was about Freemason initiation, we can begin to take our own initiation into spiritual matters much more seriously.

Mozart worked like a channel for his inspiration.  His manuscripts are very clean with almost no corrections.   Beethoven, who lived just a bit later than Mozart, had many, many corrections to his manuscripts.  From this we can learn that there has been an evolution in spiritual self- conscious awareness, just between Mozart and Beethoven.  What about our own spiritual evolution?

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Alchemy, Seership & Ben Franklin

In what ways was Ben Franklin an alchemist or a seer?  What is an alchemist or seer anyway?


In the Alchemical tradition, the highest aspiration is the fertilization, gestation, and birth of a higher being within the soul of the lower human personality. The first birth is into a body of flesh, governed by the laws of nature and returning to nature when we die. Alchemists seek a second birth that is, as Jung said, a work against nature (opus contra naturam).

A seer is one who sees much more clearly than others.  Franklin was both an alchemist and a seer.  To find out much more and to become both an alchemist and a seer, why not take one or both these courses of


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Ben Franklin, Freemasonry & Rosicrucianism

What are Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism?  What is their value to us today in the way we live?  What was Ben Franklin’s relationship to these organizations?  What did they mean to him?

Both of these brotherhoods promote spiritual experiences and the brotherhood of Humankind and are not burdened by doctrine and dogma,  Rosicrucianism being much more secret.  Rosicrucian Alchemy, in contrast to the gross Alchemy that was much better known and practiced in Medieval times, contains the Spiritual Science of Future Ages.  Both groups have had an enormous influence on Human evolution although historians have not awakened to this fact yet.

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Is there Evil in the World? Why would that be?

Why would an all-powerful, omnipotent God create Evil? That is a very good question that has troubled many thoughtful people over the ages.

Evil began with the birth of the Ego. We all have to go through the negative before we can appreciate the positive. God gave us freedom. The price for this freedom is that we have to go through Evil, i.e. egotism, first. One finger cannot love another. We had to separate from the Divine to experience Freedom.

Freedom is the necessary prerequisite to Love. Freedom is not just or only freedom of choice. When there is choice, the choices are already created. Freedom has to do with creativity out of nothing. This is where Love is. This Creation out of nothing is the story of Genesis. We are all learning how to accomplish this feat, first in small ways, then in larger and larger ways.

Don’t be discouraged. You can’t expect to be self-realized overnight. It is a never-ending process. All spiritual beings evolve as the Human Being can. But it is not automatic. Each one of us can then help others evolve. This is the intended purpose of us all.

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Do animals have consciousness? Do plants have consciousness? Do minerals have consciousness?

These are not the best questions to ask.  The question should be, “what is Human Consciousness?”   The Human Being has its own special spiritual, creative, self-conscious awareness that is capable of achieving higher and higher levels of consciousness.  This level includes the doing, not just the feeling and the thinking.

The “normal” level of Human Consciousness is not a healthy level, but must be transformed into one.   We can do this by elevating our level of thinking.  We can begin by thinking about thinking.  This is very hard to do because the moment we are conscious about thinking it becomes part of the past.  We want to capture that moment when thinking is pure and out-of-body as the concept “Circle” is.  Not matter what your race, color or creed is, the concept “Circle” is identical for everyone.  It has spiritual qualities. You can meditate on this thought and begin this process that is without end.

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