What is a Seer?

The Seer

A seer “sees” more than meets the eye, using the eyes of the soul along with the physical eyes. As all seeing is a form of cognition, higher seeing is the key to higher cognition or knowing.

For Human Beings the spiritual world is hidden deep within the disguise of the world available to the senses and deep within the human psyche.  Human consciousness, enmeshed as it usually is in the physical senses, cannot easily be aware of both worlds. The human soul is the link between the physical sense-imbued body and direct experience of the spirit, because it has the latent ability to focus consciousness into any number of levels. The ability to determine the focus of awareness is our great gift and our great challenge.

All of the courses of Classic Insights lead students to become aware of this great human potential. One course in particular that we recommend very highly is Course # 22: Toward a New Form of Consciousness:

Andrew Flaxman

Searching for Love?

Searching for Love?
You are not alone because everyone is searching for love.
Where can we find It? What is Love really?
Even though in English we have only one word for love, there are various levels of love, all with very different qualities: sex, eros, philia, agape, and sacrifice.
We may think that money makes the world go round, but it is really Love that makes the world go round.
So why is it so hard to find even though Love is what we are made of?  Because understanding and practicing the higher levels of love do not come naturally, they have to be earned.
You may say that we are made up of molecules, not love. But where did the concept of molecules come from if not from Love?
You may say that we cannot live on love alone. But also we cannot live without love either.
www.classicinsights is filled with courses all about love.
We suggest that you try our course #11 first: Love as a Path of Transformation.


Repeated Earth Lives

Why is it at all practical in this life time for one to know about his or her prior lives?

(1) First of all this knowledge extends your time-frame enormously because you realize that your spirit self does not die, only your body dies. You no longer fear death at all.

(2) Secondly, you realize your own guilt and responsibility for any hardships you encounter, whether it be with friends, enemies or circumstances.  You are able to rise above any pain you may feel.

(3) Thirdly, your appreciation of the Bible increases greatly as you discover all of its secrets that are to be uncovered with this information about how life works.

(4) Finally, both your present life and your future potential are enhanced because you realize how very precious each moment of this life is.
Much of www.classicinsights.com is filled with insights that help you to realize these truths about yourself and the world. We particularly recommend the course on Edison and Ford. Henry Ford claimed that reincarnation was the most important secret of his life.

Living in the Present

Normal consciousness lives in the past. It is predetermined.  One has no freedom if we think that we are bound solely by our environment and heredity. This everyday consciousness has no complete reality and does not know what life is.  Death is the conclusion of this type of enclosed and truncated consciousness.  True life is in the present and is filled with creativity, freedom and love. It takes some amount of courage to live in the present, to know what life is and to live it.

We suggest one of the many courses from www.classicinsights.com to learn how to live in the present:
Towards a New Form of Consciousness:


You will receive a personal mentor for this wonderful study that will help you become much more creative and loving.