What does thinking with your heart actually mean?

There are two types of thinking, through the head and through the heart.  Both are necessary in combination, not one or the other.  Head thinking is concerned with facts, which really means “after the acts.”

This is the reason that clever people are like computers and have ready-made facts at their command.  Economic and Political leaders are good examples of this type of thinking.  It is not really thinking but appears to be.  It is a mirrored sort of computer type of consciousness.

On the other hand, creativity comes before there are any facts.  Thinkers like Einstein are much less concerned with facts and much more concerned with creating new facts.  Rembrandt, Leonardo, Mozart and Beethoven are other examples.

Creativity is based on heart-thinking, not head thinking.  This is the reason that creative people often do not do well at conventional school.

Egotism is the enemy of either type of thinking and is a curse in our society as a whole.

Creativity is related to pure thought and to love itself.  After all, real love is creation out of nothing but for the pure joy of the free act itself.  There is no cause or expectations in pure love.

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