Do animals have consciousness? Do plants have consciousness? Do minerals have consciousness?

These are not the best questions to ask.  The question should be, “what is Human Consciousness?”   The Human Being has its own special spiritual, creative, self-conscious awareness that is capable of achieving higher and higher levels of consciousness.  This level includes the doing, not just the feeling and the thinking.

The “normal” level of Human Consciousness is not a healthy level, but must be transformed into one.   We can do this by elevating our level of thinking.  We can begin by thinking about thinking.  This is very hard to do because the moment we are conscious about thinking it becomes part of the past.  We want to capture that moment when thinking is pure and out-of-body as the concept “Circle” is.  Not matter what your race, color or creed is, the concept “Circle” is identical for everyone.  It has spiritual qualities. You can meditate on this thought and begin this process that is without end.

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