Consciousness Course and Video Seminars

$150 (3 sessions)

$175 (3 sessions & course)

Andrew Flaxman
Andrew Flaxman
Joanie Winberg
Joanie Winberg
Judith Joyce
Judith Joyce
Angela Henry-Sorenson
Angela Henry-Sorenson

Insight is the mind’s magic in action, creating things out of the “miracles” of real thinking.

Classic Insights helps you to become constantly insightful by both a study and discussion of  three very thoughtful books:

Higher Creativity – Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights, by Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold

From Normal to Healthy – Paths to the Liberation of Consciousness, by Georg Kuhlewind

Mystics after Modernism – Discovering the Seeds of a New Science in the Renaissance, by Rudolf Steiner.

Each seminar consists of three one-hour sessions with no more than eight participants (including Andrew Flaxman and co-moderator).

Check back for dates of next seminar.

Requirements: 1. Read the Lecture/guide. Toward a New Form of Consciousness; 2. Read Higher Creativity; 3. Read From Normal to Healthy; 4. Read Mystics after Modernism

We use Citrix  You will need a video cam and speaker.

Session One (one hour):
Get to know each other.
What is a conscious conversation?
Discuss the Lecture/guide
How much practical time do we usually devote to the general art of being human?
How do we distinguish between a “normal” state of consciousness and a healthy one?
Share experiences about Understanding and Awakening

Session Two (one hour)
Review session one
Discuss methods of obtaining higher creativity
Discuss Rebirth, Thinking, and Revelation

Session Three (one hour)
Review session two
Discuss Transformation, Freedom and love
How much freedom do you have in life?  How much love?
What have you learned from this seminar?  Will this change anything about how you live your life?